My story & why TRE™?

After eight years as a senior war crimes prosecutor, I was feeling the effects of my work. I had seen and heard too much, and I was tired.

I looked for ways I could heal myself from secondary trauma and compassion fatigue. And I found David Berceli’s Trauma and Tension Release Exercises. I went to an intensive three-day workshop where I learned the exercises. And I felt profoundly better. Immediately. And better in a way I had never felt after talk-therapy.

This experience was so profound that I studied the exercises and became a certified practitioner.  And I want to teach everyone I know how to live peacefully in their own bodies. To feel safe. At a cellular level. To heal their raw nerves, literally.

These exercises trigger the body’s natural healing mechanism to reset the brain stem’s fight-or-flight response. They are simple and adaptable to every body. Everyone should know how the body works, and how they can relieve the stresses and traumas of every day living.  Our bodies are designed to integrate our experiences and to evolve. Not to stay stuck in an old pattern that doesn’t work anymore.

Learning TRE™ was like getting a greeting card from my body. I felt more grounded, less anxious, more flexible, and more solid in my own body. I sleep better now. My stress symptoms have faded. And I feel more myself than every before. What these exercises have given me is a profound experience of stillness and peace. And openness.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of TRE™, please let me know. Every week, I offer two complimentary sessions.

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